Monday, November 29, 2010

Pictures of me

Here are a few pics of me so u can put a face on my name....

That was this summer on vacations with my parents...i'm just a bit thinner now.

Me now = 174 cm =about 5 ft '8'
109 ponds=49,5kg

That's me also this summer...

One of the last days i danced. I went over to a friends house after my classes and i hadn't eatin a thing...ahhh always makes the best pictures!

That feeling that i am powerfull and strong.The only time were i actually feel confidence and nothing can stop me because i am in control!
That feeling that i am beatifull, light and delicate as a feather.
Fragile yet strong inside...

I'll miss that...


  1. Wow tes photos sont magnifiques!
    tu est vrm tro critique envers toi-meme...

  2. Merci!
    lol oui je sait jsuis trop critique...

  3. Wow, your last paragraph - "That feeling that i am powerfull and strong."... - I could have said those exact same words. That is exactly how I feel too. I am also a ballerina. I don't think there is anything wrong with your weight to be honest. You are the same as a solost in Mariinsky; Sofia Gumerova. I think she is about the same height as you. She weighs 49 kilos. Oksana Skorik is also 5,8 and weighs 47 kilos. Although Russian dancers tend to be thinner as they have certain requirements for height/weight and they train in a way that makes you less "bulky". I hope you are well. It is perfectly possible to be thin/skinny AND healthy. I know because I am. I probably wouldn't be able to train on such a high level if not. It really is the best feeling in the world - To be feel beautiful, light and delicate as a feather. Fragile yet strong inside :) Much love and keep dancing <3