Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Seing is believing

I still have quite a hard time accepting that i am different than the image i see in the mirror.

I KNOW i'm thin because everyone tells me, because the doctors say i should gain weight, because i wear size zero pants and extra small shirts.
I KNOW i am beatifull because i have been told so,because I was asked twice to be in a modeling agency.

But i don't BELIEVE that i am thin and beautifull.I don't believe what they say, no.
When i look in the miror all i see is oversized thighs , floppy arms and  stiking out stomach.
When i look in the miror i see too small lips, a huge nose,dried up skin and puffy checks.

I don't see it because i can't believe it
And seing is believing.

Now the question is how can i believe it?


  1. jcroit que c'est different pour tout le monde...
    et que c'est la clef de la guerison.
    Jdit pas que tu doit arriver a trouver seule,mais qu'il n'y a pas q'une reponse
    bisous! xox

  2. ouin...c vrai.
    parfois ca aide de savoir comment les autre voit ca, ou les solutions qu'ils sont arriver a trouver :)

  3. This is an interesting picture. I think it is very representative of how you feel and I think its interesting that it was portrayed by food rather than by people/animals.